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Simple Toyota Owners Club is a non-profitable organization that seeks to identify/ recognize Toyota owners, male or female that are "simple". Simple or no modification of car's engine or body is what we look for; anything fussy or complicated would be against the perceptions of the organization.

Our intension is to create an atmostphere that encourages excitement and interest in driving a Toyota motor vehicle. 


  • Lawful bahavior is mandatory- the organization's expectation from each member is to be mature and conduct themselves in a manner that depict a positive character. Anyone that goes against this policy, will be revoked from the club, no questions asked. These behaviors are as follows and not limited to; intoxication, volgarism (violence, expletives), larceny, illegal weapons, etc.
  • Every member MUST have a club sticker on the left middle area of their windshield. The sticker MUST be in the same font style as all stickers, this promotes a signature look.
  • All vehicles MUST BE in a relatively good condition (NO POP DUNG TING') and be kept as clean as possible.

The Mission

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