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No collection of funds or contribution required to be a member. It's really just "simple", you only need to have a Toyota motor vehicle and each owner represents an extra eye or contact to each other in that if one is in need of a specific engine or body part this can be communicated or purchased amongst ourselves providing informatoin of location or price.

5 members started the organization, namely; Mark, Michael, Jason, Dale and Ruel.

For recognition, every member will have a sticker with the name of the organization on their vehicle. It is a signature design and only authorized/ registered members should have one.

How to get authorized/ registered

Simply contact the president of the company and get registered/ authorized. Upon inspection, a sticker will be issued. Please see sample of such below. There is no restrictions for persons not in the location of the organization because our intention is to go global/ international, and this can only be accomplished if every individual show grave interest to make this successful.

President- Mark H

I am a 29 year old, hard working, simple guy trying something new. I own a 1991 Toyota Levin, silver top, K & N filter, 15' chrome and black rims, leather interior, sunroof, fully powered, 2 1/4 inch exhaust, 5 forward, and have a heart and mind for creation that is just waiting to unleash. The concept was created out of mere interest and love for cars that are kept in good condition and simple, especially if it's an old school.

Dale S

Michael M

Jason T

Ruel W

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